Lyle W. Miller Sr.

“P.U.S.H. is a great program that promotes greater self confidence. It is impossible to come away from the program unchanged."


Erin DeWaard

“The amount of confidence I gained is insane. I thought I would improve, but never dreamed this much."


Mayya Wolterstorff

“After finishing the course, i have become a woman who is confident, strong, and not afraid to break out of her comfort zone and let people in.

I learned different techniques on how to communicate, how to let others in, be silly, be serious, find ways to connect, and really find a whole different side to me. The best part about it was I walked away with making new friends and being part of something bigger than myself. I highly recommend PUSH. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.”

Tami Beaudry

“The PUSH course helped me find my voice. My inner voice. The course taught me how to overcome fear and use my voice to teach, encourage, and help others. This course resurrected the “dreaming process” in me and taught me valuable goal setting techniques to propel me to success in reaching my dreams. The friendships and support from fellow classmates was phenomenal! This class was a life changer for me! Thank you, Val!”


 Anisa Schultz

"I didn’t want to do it...stand up in front of 9 strangers the FIRST week of class and tell a story! So I sat there nodding a silent, but resounding, NO to the teacher, Val.  ...and then came the PUSH....from strangers sitting next to me....telling me I could do it! And I did. What followed was 12 amazing weeks of encouragement, growth, and being PUSHed to be better, stronger and more grateful. Thank you Val!”

Zach Van Harris JR

“I am speaking as a recent PUSH graduate with an unshakeable belief that the PUSH program Val created is needed, it works, and it changes lives on so many  levels.

Something I wanted to get better at was being brave enough to communicate in front of people. Regardless if the audience is small or large, I have always suffered from a crippling fear of talking to a group of people--you can still sometimes hear it, albeit faintly, as my voice cracks and shakes.

I wanted to shake my stage fright and  learn how to engage in public speaking, so the PUSH course trained the class how to get up in front of a crowd with an inspiring and impactful message that would keep the audience engaged through-and-through. I would not have been able to achieve this without encouragement from Val.

The PUSH Course is a game changer! It works! It changes lives! I know it changed mine and my classmates! Please seriously consider taking the course. When you do, and you push yourself and pull others along the way during class sessions, then everyone wins! The program will benefit from your participation, and most importantly you and your future self will benefit from your involvement.

I would like to end this message by thanking our amazing teacher Val Tischler, I honestly cannot thank you enough! And to the wonderful Class of Fall 2018, thank you all. Our session was one of the highlights of the year for me!”