Push Course - Sioux Falls

Push Course - Sioux Falls

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The 12-Week PUSH personal development course will be taking place in Sioux Falls at the Sheraton hotel starting on March 13th, 2019. Classes will take place on Wednesdays from 6:30-9:00 PM.

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What is PUSH?

PUSH is a 12 week personal development program for building self confidence, setting personal goals, improving relationships, networking, becoming a better public speaker, dealing with stress, and becoming more comfortable in social interactions.

PUSH helps you succeed in a changing world

This course will help you master human relation skills that are vital to success in today’s changing world. Throughout these 12 weeks, you will learn powerful human relations skills, become a persuasive communicator, and be a leader that others are drawn to. Ultimately, this will lead to you being able to handle rapid change and deal with stress in healthy and effective ways, cultivate strong interpersonal relationships in your personal life, and work well with others in the workplace to allow you to advance to where you want to be professionally.

 This program is about putting what we learn into practice within a group setting, and applying it in our everyday lives. Throughout these 12 weeks, we will stretch, experiment with new approaches, have fun, and grow!

There are three requirements to be successful in this program:

  1. Show up. Commit to being here each week if at all possible. Your presence adds immeasurably to the personal growth of the other participants. If you are gone you miss what they added that session, and they lose out on what you add to the group.

  2. Suspend skepticism. You may feel like some things we do seem silly. It will make sense to you eventually, as we go. Because you have decided to try this out, you are a person committed to self growth. Trust yourself, your fellow participants, and the process.

  3. Jump in with both feet! Commit, engage and have fun!

Push Course Guarantees:

  1. You will be successful in this class if you do the 3 things listed.

  2. You will get to know and trust the group in ways that will surprise and inspire you.

  3. You will push yourself further than you thought possible, and will have a good time in the process.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions, contact us directly at 605-999-2773 or val.tischler@push-courses.com.

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