Giving Back

I have often thought about how much a personal development course that built confidence, taught human relations, improved communication and skills for coping with stress and worry, would benefit a person even more if exposed to it at a young age. I know It would have made a difference for me, if I had I learned some of these skills as a high school or college student. I’ve heard many class members comment they wish they'd have taken a class like that when younger. Again, recently, a former class member made that comment to me. It occurred to me that offering this course to teenagers who are in placements, or at risk, could be life-changing for them at a particularly vulnerable time in their lives. Depending on maturity levels, boys or girls 15 or 16 on up, would be appropriate ages.

After years of working with this area of personal growth, and especially since I decided to go in a new direction and develop my own course, I now have the ability and freedom to do that.

I would very much like to be involved in bringing this to specific groups in need of work in these areas. If the group and facility is appropriate, and interested, I will donate my time, and approach local businesses or private persons to help with the cost of materials and awards.

If you are aware of, or connected to a group of youth, (or other especially at risk group) that could benefit from a course like this, or would like to help with the costs for materials to help make this possible, please contact me. 

Or fill out the form on our contact page and we will respond within three business days. 

How we are giving back

From the Abbott House girls

From the Abbott House girls