Frequently Asked Questions


Who should take this course?  

Men and women, ages 16 on up who enjoy a challenge and value self growth, or who are looking for tools to  become more successful at work.

What do I need to do to be successful in this course?

Suspend disbelief, be present, keep an open mind, support each other, participate and dream big.

What if I have to miss a night?

It is best if you can be there each week, as not only do you miss out on what you would learn from the others in the group, but the other participants miss out on learning from you. (A big part of this program is what you learn from each other.)  If you miss no more than two, you still complete the course and graduate. You can make up any missed sessions at a future group, and I will give you all the information you need to be ready for the following week.

Will the class have homework?

The only homework you will have will be to take what you learn that week, try it out, and come back and tell us what happened.   

What if I have to be late for a session?

In order to respect the time commitments of all, and be done by no later than 2.5 hours,  we will start promptly on time. If you need to be late, come anyway. We'll help you to catch up!