About Push Personal Development Courses


PUSH is a 12 week personal development program for building self confidence, setting personal goals, improving relationships, networking, dealing with stress, and becoming more comfortable in social interactions.

 Whether an introvert or an extrovert, most of us have have some areas where we would like to be more comfortable, more confident and more skilled. The purpose of this program is not to change who we are, but to push ourselves and each other to expand our edges, explore our limits, and improve our personal relations skills.

 This program is about putting what we learn into practice within a group setting, and applying it in our everyday lives. Throughout these 12 weeks, we will stretch, experiment with new approaches, have fun, and grow!

This twelve week course is designed to help us reach the best version of ourselves, to push each other, to test possibilities, and dare to risk.

'PUSH' stands for:

P: Powerful communication (Improve listening skills, clear communication...)

U: Unafraid (If the seemingly impossible was possible…)

S:  Self confidence (Explore our edges; push through...)

H:  Human relations (Building and strengthening relationships...)


The biggest lessons will come from interactions with other participants. The power of risk taking in a safe setting leads to growth largely from interacting in an environment that is essentially your own personal human laboratory. The teamwork is what makes this process work. You will push and be pushed to grow.


We are offering a variety of PUSH courses

PUSH is now offering a new and improved 9-week program, for maximum impact. Want more? PUSH Plus can be added on to complement and enhance personal growth.

  1. 9 week Personal Development Program: Build self-confidence, improve networking, communicate with confidence, strengthen relationships, deal with conflict, discover potential, and set goals for the future. See what is possible and unleash the best version of you!

  2. PUSH Plus   for graduates of the 9-week course

    • 3 week additional program : Improve leadership and presentation skills, communicate with impact and clarity, sell yourself with confidence, persuade and influence. Build on the skills developed in the 9 week program to improve potential for leadership and teamwork. And if you want to improve presentation skills, this 3-week program will help you move to the next level. 

  3. PUSH & PUSH Plus   Best Value…

    • 12 wk program for maximum benefit! Enroll in the 9 & 3 week program combined!

    • Why Both? The 9 week PUSH course focuses on self confidence, networking, strengthening relationships, goal setting  and attitude. This is the foundation of improving our presentation skills, whether one-on-one, or to a group. PUSH Plus builds on these skills and fine-tunes them to be our best self! 


 4. PUSH Plus- for grads of the 12-week. program - Why take this if you already took the 12-week program?  PUSH Plus will...

  • cover some areas not included in the 12-week program,

  • focus more heavily on polishing our communication skills,

  • as well as being a great refresher for some things already covered!

 There are three requirement to be successful in this program:

  1. Show up. Commit to being here each week if at all possible. Your presence adds immeasurably to the personal growth of the other participants. If you are gone you miss what they added that session, and they lose out on what you add to the group.

  2. Suspend skepticism. You may feel like some things we do seem silly. It will make sense to you eventually, as we go. Because you have decided to try this out, you are a person committed to self growth. Trust yourself, your fellow participants, and the process.

  3. Jump in with both feet! Commit, engage and have fun!


My guarantees to you are:

  1. You will be successful in this class if you do the 3 things listed.

  2. You will get to know and trust the group in ways that will surprise and inspire you.

  3. You will push yourself further than you thought possible, and will have a good time in the process.

If at any time you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call, text, email, or come to class a little early.

Each person has a little different focus and goal. A session that seems hard for you, may be easy to another. And the opposite will also happen. It is important to measure our growth with our own yardsticks, and not compare. Some people’s growth will be obvious to others. For others it may be more internal and not as visible. Measure your progress based on where you started at session one.

You will get out of this course as much as you put into it, so I encourage you to take a leap of faith and watch what happens. No one here will let you fall. We push each other, but catch each other too. That's what makes this work!


Val Pugsley-Tischler, CEO

I have been an avocational instructor for a human relations, personal development, and public speaking course for 22 years, in South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska, working with many types of people and a variety of companies. During this time I also planned and presented a number of workshops. In 2017 I decided to start my own personal development program and I designed the PUSH program. PUSH is strongly geared towards individual and personal growth. This course will help in setting and reaching personal goals, becoming more effective in work areas, and finding, pushing towards, and expanding potential. 

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